A Poem: Turn-Points

We don’t always know which road to take, although we perceive your face at every bend. The way unclear, slowly reveals to our eyes, so slow to discern, that which-ever option we choose to take, even that of staying put, you always wait for us with utmost courtesy. As though we didn’t have time to … More A Poem: Turn-Points

A Poem: September

New leaves, lavender stems, buds on the climbing rose, dew on the grass, lit by the sun emerging from a sky of soft blue, as eggshell, or a newborn’s gaze. I see all this as something all of a sudden new, unveiled to eyes that had winter’s blinkers on. How long had the yellow spring … More A Poem: September

A Poem: Gift

It is my job as a poet seer, as one who feels before I see to find the words, even if it hurts. To carry the light into dark corners. To bring the word that turns the heart, the word that speaks into the barren centre that it might spring to life. We are each … More A Poem: Gift

A Poem: The Road

I was afraid that the road was too narrow. That myself and my load could not together pass. Then I was afraid it might in fact be too wide. That I would turn in circles and miss the landmarks. I was afraid it might at times give out. That what I believed was a road … More A Poem: The Road

A Poem: Less

If I took off my hat, would I be ‘Lisa, less a hat?’ If I took off my coat, my shoes perhaps, even my dress, would I be ‘Lisa, less the worth of all I wear?’ And if I take down my hair, and wash my face, and clean all the colour from my eyes … More A Poem: Less

A Poem: A Ladder

I will climb to you by a ladder made from the days I’ve put behind me and those I’m yet to live When the sun is hard to find I will then add a rung and it will lead me higher still to seek its dawning light. I can climb to you. Although you’re never … More A Poem: A Ladder