A Poem: Angels

We are angels to each other My needs met in you and yours in me. At the very least we keep each other afloat At peace and on an even keel Company in other’s solitude Fellow travellers of this pilgrim’s road. At best, though I suspect God might mean us to reflect each other’s light … More A Poem: Angels

A Poem: Falling

I am falling like the rain like the light through the broken clouds I am falling like a leaf whose time it is to drop like a musical note carried aloft to your ear and mine. I am falling like the sun like someone who realises there are no more supports for the weight we … More A Poem: Falling

A Poem: Heaven

They tell me there is no heaven on earth. But I have found pieces that resemble it and have put them together with a bonding agent made of hope and faith. And love, that when the sun strikes it in a certain way, the whole picture comes alight, as something from another place. They tell … More A Poem: Heaven

A Poem: Beauty

Beauty falls like rain, we can’t catch every drop, but we stand still with mouths open to slack our aching thirst. Beauty grows like leaves on the greening tree, we try to grasp the outline of each stunning leaf but can’t. Our eyes can only take in so much. Beauty rolls in like waves on … More A Poem: Beauty

A Poem: Incomplete

Everything is incomplete Lord. We live with things in perpetual suspense. Like curtains open a chink to let in the light, so we see yet just a partial glimpse. We live with things unresolved, each moment a different state of growth or decay, increase or decline. We have a hand in creating things that will … More A Poem: Incomplete

A Poem: Dark

What do you want me to do with this morning God? That shines through the blinds that shines through my shuttered heart What do I do with a sun that still rises? On us, whose joy wavers as a candle in the wind, on those, whose joy has for a moment, been snuffed out. What … More A Poem: Dark