A Poem: Trust

  I laid down today and you laid with me. My eyes closed inside, although I was resting upright. My grasp loosened, my hold let go. If this is what its like to die or be at peace with not knowing, then good. I trust. All is well. All manner of things I count to … More A Poem: Trust

A Poem: Awake

To awake to you, is my prayer. I don’t want to miss a moment asleep, if I can be more aware of you near. To be close in proximity but ignorant of your presence, what grief. Instead, I want to be as a bird alighting on a branch, or a leaf on the wind. Always … More A Poem: Awake

A Poem: We Grieve

We grieve but there is a love stronger than death, greater than the life given in this mortal breath. We grieve but there is life in a larger sense that exceeds the limits of our human experience. There is peace beyond the grave, deeper than the quiet of this temporal plane. There is hope higher … More A Poem: We Grieve

A Poem: Not Heavy

They are not heavy, the seasons of change, which pass like the passing weather. We can sit outside and watch the night turn to light, the clouds give way to emerging day, to remember this. On a morning that the rain fell and the sun shone her face in the space of one small hour. … More A Poem: Not Heavy

A Poem: Revelation

Unravelling God lets down his hair, that like a ladder to infinity we might climb to grasp at things yet too large for us. Unfolding his scrolls God lays his knowledge out upon the landscape, that if we are quick, we may catch a grain of truth, in the sun’s slip behind the hill. Might … More A Poem: Revelation

A Poem: The Beggar

I am a beggar at your door, the steps rising before my hesitant feet. I can hear the sounds within your kingdom drawing me, despite my lack of confidence. My feet unclean, I could wipe them more than once and they would still not shed the grime. So I turn and sit at the foot … More A Poem: The Beggar