A Poem: Wide Open

Wide open. That is how our love should be, our hearts should spring. Doors, windows, open to the ocean breeze, and the mountain air. We can be so discerning, as to miss the magnitude of everything. If we pray but have not love that opens doors, lays out hospitality as a carpet, gives and receives … More A Poem: Wide Open

A Poem: Lit

  Are we a candle on a window sill, or do we sit in the dark? Are we the sun that glints gold through tree limbs, or do we pull the clouds across its face? For hate and anger is easier to justify, than love that must by necessity be lit. A wick set alight … More A Poem: Lit

A Poem: Light

It does not take much to stand in the beam of light. It is not a crooked trail we can easily fall off. It’s not a dirt floor we’re required to crawl. Humility has its place buts it’s not a mantle to constantly carry. There’s no need for tracing patterns in the dust, or for … More A Poem: Light

A Poem: To Follow

Following is not so hard. It’s following the bird’s call back to its branch. It’s following the crest of the wave back to where it breaks. It’s following the sun’s eventual descent and the stars charted tracks. It’s walking forwards and then often back. In circles, or figure eights. It’s taking a detour, for a … More A Poem: To Follow

A Poem: A Fabric

I will fail you And you will fail me. Its inevitable. Strains are necessary in the fabric of love’s covering. A baby in the womb lengthens its limbs and curls its fist, in preparation for life’s journeying. Tears appear not because we’ve failed, to steel our love against tests. But because love is strong enough … More A Poem: A Fabric

A Poem: Pieces

There are pieces for everyone. The word written does not go out empty. But is designed with intention. Each piece of art, and written word, each musical refrain, each voice made, Is made to fit another’s hearing. We are the piece for one another we did not know was missing until we feel ourselves filled. … More A Poem: Pieces

A Poem: Clear

‘I am he who blots away your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again. Oh remind me of this promise of forgiveness for we must talk about your sins. Plead your case for my forgiving you.’ Isaiah 43:25 Blotted away and swept clean. Waters stilled until they’re clear. I, and … More A Poem: Clear

A Poem: A Threshold

“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” Rainer Maria Rilke A THRESHOLD To bless the year we live in is to receive its blessings. Nothing can be contained but everything can run through us with a river’s constancy. Rapids of fresh graces to renew our inner springs. … More A Poem: A Threshold