A Poem: Jewels

When we record our days we make them real to us. We give them shape and form that we might learn from them. Hindsight is God’s beautifier when we shine the lens we look through. When we record our thanks in pen, or thought, or praise we establish what is good, upon the pathways of … More A Poem: Jewels

A Poem: Witness

Somewhere between the water and the sky. The earth and the vast realms of stars, we live. Everything here seems to have its purpose. Seems to carve out its niche. Right down to the vine, cascading in the garden. Not a random white bloom out of place. Here for the bees, and the butterflies. Our … More A Poem: Witness

A Poem: Life

Everything’s a search for beauty, for meaning. Rounding the garden. Marking the days and the turning seasons. Drawing circles, making patterns, ensuring continuity. Joining gaps, filling in spaces, that stretch out bare as empty canvases. Each moment defined where it eclipses the next. Days drawn in sketches, taking on substance in experience. Hindsight making equations, … More A Poem: Life

A Poem: Tears

  Tears that fall become a river which flows ever forward. To flood the fertile soil at water’s edge. And soak the thirsty parched earth with its rivulets. Tears that fall become a sea upon which we surface. To breathe upon the wide expansive waters. To see the new breadth from a cleansed perspective. To … More A Poem: Tears

A Poem: Still Good

‘Good’. Has such a small full word ever existed? “It is good”, He first proclaimed, when the earth was laid. It has ever been good, as the centuries have progressed, and the play of time run its course. Goodness, has unravelled as a ribbon, on the heels of a humanity made in His image. Though … More A Poem: Still Good

A Poem: What If

What do we find when we reach the end? That there’s more beyond again. So what might we find when we look within? Vast starry constellations. Clusters of galaxies to rival the mansions of the sky. The wonder of the whole beyond us mirrored on the inside. What do we feel when we scan the … More A Poem: What If