A Poem: To Wait

Waiting is active. It takes breath both in and out, and then the holding of it. It takes a certain awareness of the heart’s race, and the stilling of it. It takes letting go of regret, or even anticipation. Reviewing expectation in light of the empty present. Which always holds more than we can see … More A Poem: To Wait

A Poem: Revolution

The night wraps about me in a blanket of stars. A night two thousand years hence, that your presence graced our planet. And yet, the night wraps around me with the hush of newness, that even the angels I think hold their breath. The moon, everything here, has that sense of things ending and renewing. … More A Poem: Revolution

A Poem: Division

Roads are made to be walked. Seas to be parted where they divide with the land. Seeds to break, and burst so their growth can commence. Flower buds to blossom and bloom that their beauty may pour forth. And we, we are like the African Lily’s bud. We start out small but with a pre-conceived … More A Poem: Division

A Poem: Prayer

Do my prayers find you? I do not know, but I know I feel better for the praying. Do my prayers reach heaven? I cannot say, except that I see things changing. Do I hear you and not my own voice? I can’t confirm, yet I know my wisdom is not yours. Do I believe … More A Poem: Prayer

A Poem: A Canopy

I will rest under your canopy. Branches letting in just enough light that I am shaded but able to feel the sun. I will rest under your weight. Providence allowing just enough pressure that I might burst my seeds and learn my strength. I will rest under your care. My harvest, the simple pleasures of … More A Poem: A Canopy