A Poem: Blessed Are

Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of overflow inside. Theirs is the river, and knowledge of its source. Theirs is the riches that do not depend on this world, but continually spring from the well within. Blessed are those who mourn, their comfort shall come from the one whose crown of … More A Poem: Blessed Are

A Poem: Seekers

We are seekers of stimulation, constant connection. Restless, wanting creatures, dissatisfied and desirous of what we do not understand, and cannot find. So we keep looking, and while seeking connection, we cut off ties. Those threads of gold spun by true attention, we gravely risk when we give of half our presence. And nature’s boon … More A Poem: Seekers

A Poem: Yes

I would like to learn to say ‘Yes’, more than not. Not yes to the easy, and familiar, but yes to everything not open yet. To everything for which ‘No’ feels more appropriate. To hard surfaces, like frozen ground that’s still to thaw, and the smoothness of the acorn’s shell. To hidden things, like chrysalises … More A Poem: Yes

A Poem: Not Perfect

I am not perfect, and neither are you. I’m as not perfect as the clouds, in this setting sun, shredded lengths edged by light. I’m as not perfect as a face that’s lived and drawn itself from a thousand daily impressions. I’m as not perfect as the Dogwood, its blossoms scattered by the Spring winds. … More A Poem: Not Perfect