A Poem: Life

Try putting a stop to life It rises again in dawn’s burning fire. In our dancing planet that turns and spins into the light. It’s confirmed in each season’s return of new life and birth and in each departing term, revolving through a door. Try putting a stop to the seed, that is formed in … More A Poem: Life

A Poem: And Then

And then morning came. The clouds changed, their ragged edges lit with light. The hues of dawn took over the sky, as a lover’s encompassment. And the seasons turned. Summer’s heat gave way to Autumn’s chill, as a cool palm to the forehead. Winter’s covering lifted at the corners as Spring spread out her banquet. … More A Poem: And Then

A Poem: Waiting

Some say we must strive for what it is that we want. Some say we must first of all know what it is, then set our goals, and lay our plans for achievement. Some say nothing good ever came from standing by, and waiting. Some say only those who attempt succeed, and only those who … More A Poem: Waiting

A Poem: Even If

Even if. Even if we should fear. Fear the things we cannot control. Fear those things that are only influenced by discernment and faith. Let us do what we can. For its not by power and might, but by gentleness, that we exert any good. Yes even if. Even if we should fear. Let us … More A Poem: Even If

A Poem: Open

In a word open. Open the door, the window, the rusty hinges, crack them open to the light. Draw apart the curtains, open to the day, alighting as a gift upon the window sill. We don’t know quite how dark this house we live in is, until the light floods in. We get used to … More A Poem: Open

A Poem: Turn

Turn, turn with the rolling seasons with the turning earth. You need do nothing but be still. The earth’s dancing trajectory around a moving sun that brings us in its wake has us held. The hand that tilts and turns us like a spinning top tell us to trust. There are moments on our beds … More A Poem: Turn

A Poem: Rooted

I am at the root of all things, hidden, under a ground in which lies a myriad of tender growing things. I am the root for which you need to delve. Your journey both a growing up and a lengthening out, into the soil which holds the sustenance of life. I am the dark secret … More A Poem: Rooted

A Poem: Miracles

Sometimes the miracle is not in the bud’s opening or the fern’s unfolding. It’s not in the foal’s rise to its feet or the sparrow’s first flight. It’s not always even in the healing of the sick or the raising of the dead from their beds. Although miracles they may be, of such weight that … More A Poem: Miracles