A Poem: Up Ahead

(For Jeff Blake, my dear Uncle Carrick and all who we have lost, but not really) I think like all that’s good, you’re just up ahead, to remind us the net of goodness, great web of grace, the eternal embrace, extends back. Strengthening us at our girth, and accompanying us forward. Great grace, not just … More A Poem: Up Ahead

A Poem: Watchperson

I wake up, watchperson for the morning. Would the morning’s bird call be the less for being unheeded, or the rising sun stop in its tracks for lack of welcome. No, but if I wake the morning sheaves, the harvest of my heart are gathered, and I hold them in my arms the rest of … More A Poem: Watchperson

A Poem: Silence

Silence. Have you heard all the sounds silence holds? Cessation of movement, stillness of mind. The ceasing of all efforts reveals a door hitherto closed, and shielded from view. In silence, we open as a musical note does to the one who calls it out. In silence, we feel the blossoming urge of a tight … More A Poem: Silence