A Poem: Aging

Did you hear about the girl who through aging grew fully into her skin. Did you hear how she gave up youth for wisdom, and truth for wonder. Did you hear about the woman who had no fear of time’s pace, but set her own. And did you hear her state how youth’s passing passage … More A Poem: Aging

A Poem: Come

‘Come, move.’ He calls my name. From hilltop to plain, to mountain. His voice echoes, down the paths through the chambers of my heart. Levelling the hills, filling the valleys, causing the streams to burst their banks, at my name, carried across each chasm, borne as molten liquid upon his lips. ‘Come, move.’ Part entreaty, … More A Poem: Come

A Poem: A Passage

Pain is a doorway. A birth canal. We ache and contract to bear forth something new. Tears, the anointing of our travails, work to soften and open the way forward. Rivers run with a mountain’s burden of snow. Melting at the touch of warmth. And we, without realising it, transform our pain by bearing down … More A Poem: A Passage

A Poem: Beautiful

When you call someone beautiful you draw something out. Something that may not have believed itself, had it not been named. When you name someone as beautiful or some other quality of grace, you stir the soil, and loosen the dirt for a seedling to emerge. When we call out beauty, or kindness, or courage, … More A Poem: Beautiful