A Poem: Not a Prayer

Its not a prayer. Its not words you must repeat in the right order, without missing any, to put your heart right with His. Its not forgiveness you need. Although redemption you may ask for, for salvation from pain and the confidence to enter His presence. But it’s not anything you must do, or bring … More A Poem: Not a Prayer

A Poem: Stilled

Have you ever written out your heart instead of crying. Have you ever made love instead of breaking apart. Not that tears are not words in liquid form, or breaking a way of mending. Has it ever taken death to be more aware of life. Has the flesh ever been more holy, than when we … More A Poem: Stilled

A Poem: Morning Is

Morning is for the birds, the light of wing swift of flight. And for those who wake and shake sleep’s dust from their feet and unloose the residue of yesterday as a discarded robe. Morning is for the birds, ever resounding chorus announcing the world’s beginning. And for those who catch the tune and message … More A Poem: Morning Is

A Poem: Broken

The self that lives within, and views the world from its interior, the self that understands the world through touch, and light; needs more than the smooth surface of an unblemished house in which to live. The self that feels for the gaps in the lining, looking for the cracks that let in life; that … More A Poem: Broken