A Poem: Familiar

We may feel familiar to one another, predictable, a known given. And there is comfort in registering each other’s patterns, falling into tandem. But when we are alone, and the curtains are drawn, who comes to the fore? Who might surprise even our own selves with the un-veiling? There is nothing so misleading than a … More A Poem: Familiar

A Poem: Remembrance

We do not remember the mundane. Time has a way of stretching so that joy lengthens as reams of silk in the memory And pain’s a brief rent, or is assuaged by the blessing of hindsight, which covers the tracks of grief’s ravages. We do not remember the long days. We recall moments, their details … More A Poem: Remembrance

A Poem: The Opposite

It’s the opposite that we need sometimes. When life weighs hard instead of dropping we lift our reach, to watch the load fall as water shed. When our eyes are sore from introspection instead of closing we open wide our lids, to see a horizon clear. When grief visits, instead of guarding the heart from … More A Poem: The Opposite

A Poem: Run

Be like water runs. Which if it doesn’t find a way, will move around, obstacles, roadblocks. Yes, the things that would impede our way cannot, when we’re like the water that flows. Yes, be like the water that builds and falls, from clouds that must give up their contents; or if contained, bursts, as floods in … More A Poem: Run

A Poem: The Secret

Creation knows the secret and sings. Sings the notes we catch and hear and register as our own hope rising, our blood made of the same liquid life as the sap that runs through each living tree. Creation knows the secret and groans. Weeps tear we feel wet upon our own cheeks, our hearts beating, … More A Poem: The Secret

A Poem: Lay Down

Lay down like the earth is covered in flowers. Wild things spreading like weeds to outgrow the reoccurring cares. And when pain springs and flows like a river, unexpected, but mounting in strength, then lay down like the gully is carved by water, feel it fill and mould you to its shape, then flow in … More A Poem: Lay Down