A Poem: The Word

They say this Word is living. They say the Word was before all else, and will last when all our words run out. They say this word is sharper than the sharpest double-edged knife, and that it cuts, straight between the marrow and the bone, not with malice but with astounding accuracy. Something like a … More A Poem: The Word

A Poem: Ah Poetry

Ah poetry. Who would take another lover who has poetry to softly whisper sonnets into their open ear. To fall upon the face of and give in to the moving waves, as though poetry were a door to heaven. Who would want, otherwise when poetry is both emotion, and emotion’s relief. To those for whom … More A Poem: Ah Poetry

A Poem: Bread

We are the bread of life. Dropped crumbs for the hungry. A warm yeast rising to fill our place. A swelling grace that yields itself for other’s nourishing. We are bread that does not run out but refills our plates. And multiples that none lack sustenance. We are bread. We are the water of life. … More A Poem: Bread

A Poem: Let Them

Let the oceans roar and foam. Let the mountains tremble. Let them. For what can we do to stop a mountain moving, or an ocean that erupts, except risk ourselves hurt. The mountain belongs not to us, nor does the ocean dance to the wants that rise and fall in our own hearts. An ocean … More A Poem: Let Them