A Poem: Connected

We are connected. The spider’s web that bridges a gap, and reaches into space from one branch to another, its silken length the means it travels, teaches us, that storms, whether from Nature’s storehouse or human-made, cannot bear up against one hand that reaches out to another, or hearts across an ocean’s span, which bow … More A Poem: Connected

A Poem: Blue

Everything’s blue this day. Sea, sky. Even the green bush is softened, under a blue gaze. The colours of my heart, as changeable as the sky, today split into shards of multi-coloured light, lit by the sun. I realised then there’s no colour, or feeling, or thought, that should not be given space to exist. … More A Poem: Blue

A Poem: Joy is Quiet

Joy is quiet, self-effacing. Not one to draw attention, but graciously retreating from the limelight. So that joy is quiet, retiring. Not an obvious presence, but almost resisting recognition. As it waits for us to notice it. Joy is quiet, unobtrusive. Not bold or authoritative, it allows us space to feel what we will. So … More A Poem: Joy is Quiet

A Poem: Splendour

What if it were not your depravity you were afraid of seeing but your splendour? What shyness shields you from His revelation? Remember you are not yet fully formed, clay He moulds again and again and again. You are well used, and at times worn. That he must take you in his loving hands to … More A Poem: Splendour

A Poem: Sunday Song

The birdsong has broken down the temple walls, that the life might stream out. Sweet bird on a humble branch delicate and unobtrusive. Against the great quiet your morning voice has caused something to shift. The birth and death of stars hardly compares to your small still form, flitting through leaves like a dancing shaft … More A Poem: Sunday Song