A Poem: Wisdom

What is this wisdom that confounds the wise. This learning that needs not books to expand, but still attention. What is this growth, that is more loss than gain, a shedding of ourselves, to find out what’s underneath. What is this knowledge, which is hardly built upon, but more a slow de-construct. A burning of … More A Poem: Wisdom

A Poem: If We Knew

If we knew? If we knew how short the span of our attachment. When time is seen in the context of eternity, then our breath, less than brief, seems hardly worth the drawing. Our mark on eternity’s length of string less than the time it takes for a cicada, burrowing from the dark to lift … More A Poem: If We Knew

A Poem: Holy Pause

Is all life lived beyond the fence? At the extent of our limits. Or is there worth in stillness, the holy pause between breaths. I wonder if God speaks as much in the space between speech, as in the framed word. The pause between the Tui’s notes make up its song, the heart rests between … More A Poem: Holy Pause

A Poem: Evening

I think we feel it before it comes. The dying of the day. It’s in the heat dissipating, almost imperceptibly. The light lengthening, to make long shadows of ourselves. The way everything feels like it must be lived before its lost, and each word is weighed hovering in the air, as moths near a flame. … More A Poem: Evening

A Poem: A Home

That you would choose me? As your abode. This earthly rustic home. The trees make for you a cathedral in their heavenly reach, I could not hope with clay-bound feet to emulate. But the birds still fly, and the oceans move in this flimsy construct of mine. Within which, mathematics makes no sense, nor surface … More A Poem: A Home

A Poem: Burning

I am a burning tree catching the flame sparks flying. For every leaf surrendered to the fire, for every shrivelled ashen piece of me, a new shoot, fed by my old remains, emerges. Burning tree, alight with holy flame, teach me, that death and life is a constant cycle turning. And as we are consumed … More A Poem: Burning