A Poem: The Antidote

Everything has an antidote it does not matter the size. It does not need to be comparative. The largest grief can be eased by the smallest gift. The smallest of troubling thoughts may find relief only from the immensity of sky. But everything has an antidote and everything in nature is alive. The soul of … More A Poem: The Antidote

A Poem: Shine

I got up with the birds today. The heavy cloak that covered me as I slept, tucked its edges around me that for a moment I could not breathe, could not sense the light for the dark, lifted with the birds. The birds whose morning song tore the curtain and opened the tomb, as though … More A Poem: Shine

A Writer Friend: Christine Sine, ‘The Gift of Wonder’

I would love to share with you my beautiful friend, Christine Sine‘s new book, ‘The Gift of Wonder’. I was fortunate to read a preview copy and write an endorsement (below). I found it such an uplifting read at a time of unwellness for me – it reminded me of the joy found in the every-day, … More A Writer Friend: Christine Sine, ‘The Gift of Wonder’

A Poem: Bread

We are the bread of life. Dropped crumbs for the hungry. A warm yeast rising to fill our place. A swelling grace that yields itself for other’s nourishing. We are bread that does not run out but refills our plates. And multiples that none lack sustenance. We are bread. We are the water of life. … More A Poem: Bread

A Poem: Will You

Will you take my heart back to where the land meets the sky, to where the kiss of heaven touches earth’s upturned brow. Will you take me in my imagination to places we haven’t been, where life is not a forgetting but a remembering. A recalling through the mist of the true shapes of things. … More A Poem: Will You

A Poem: How Good

God I would tell you how good you are but I can’t Good things come in small packages. Gifts of generosity and sacrifice, or through great acts made by surrender to the self. This goodness is what you stand for, and you are all that. God I would tell you how good you are but … More A Poem: How Good