A Poem: Will You

Will you take my heart back to where the land meets the sky, to where the kiss of heaven touches earth’s upturned brow. Will you take me in my imagination to places we haven’t been, where life is not a forgetting but a remembering. A recalling through the mist of the true shapes of things. … More A Poem: Will You

A Poem: How Good

God I would tell you how good you are but I can’t Good things come in small packages. Gifts of generosity and sacrifice, or through great acts made by surrender to the self. This goodness is what you stand for, and you are all that. God I would tell you how good you are but … More A Poem: How Good

A Poem: This Heart

My heart is like the onion’s skin shedding layers with the breaking. My heart is pressed as the garlic bulb until it releases its scent. Yes, my heart is a growing thing that pushes beyond its restraints. The shell must give yet a thousand times for this heart to expand. Ana Lisa de Jong Living … More A Poem: This Heart

A Poem: Commitment

You show us how to recommit each morning the sun rises. We see how its rays chase the shadows of the night until they’ve backed down. Retreated into the depths of the foliage. You show us how to recommit each morning the dawn crests. How the blue reminds us that dark is not the default. … More A Poem: Commitment

A Poem: Eyes to See

Will you look? Really look. Will you look past your lens and its leaning towards a certain perspective. Remembering we are all short or long-sighted. Instead will you have eyes to see? Which may in some respects mean looking blind. And will you look blind then until your eyes adjust. Will you look, really look … More A Poem: Eyes to See

A Poem: Quiet

Why is it when silence falls and the house is quiet I cannot look at my long lists though the tasks stack upon themselves. Why, when I have so much planned to achieve, do I find myself measuring time by contemplating the way light hits the trees as the day rises. By how the clouds … More A Poem: Quiet