A Poem: Weight

What weighs you down? Ask yourself what – what it is? And remember that, as your feet touch the ground, as you step into each day the only point with earth is your flesh underfoot. The rest, reaches up like some pointing hand to the sky and to the space which forever extends. So what … More A Poem: Weight

A Poem: Rise

I give up all that isn’t me, although tomorrow I know I will try for it to be retrieved. But for today, I give up what isn’t mine to carry, or feel the weight of upon my heart as if my name were engraved. Yes, today I give up all that attempts to harness the … More A Poem: Rise

A Poem: A Problem

Sit with a problem. Anything that arouses anger, fear, distress. Sit with it and watch. See how it does not stay the same though the problem might persist. See how the way it’s held has a bearing on its weight. And the shape of it evolves as we turn it in our hands. See how … More A Poem: A Problem

A Poem: Eden II

Between heaven and earth there’s an Eden. Strip of pink stretching the length of the evening’s horizon. Though a narrow band, its magic is in how its edges blend, to merge both with earth and heaven. That sometimes, when our feet are subsiding in the sand, we find our heads in the clouds. This Eden, … More A Poem: Eden II