A Poem: The Temple

We come and the angels are clearing the road, for we come bearing treasure. We come with bare feet and hands hardly aware of what it is we carry. Vessels of clay with our holy consignment. Re-dignified, and exhorted to raise our heads, we breathe and feel our ribs, temple of the living Spirit expand … More A Poem: The Temple

A Poem: No Word

No word is wasted. The prayers spoken, the heart’s unwinding, nothing is said in vain, though the answers seem lacking. No word is without a hearing, no voice without an inclined ear, receiving its pourings, its truths and its delusions, its fears and pleas. No word is without a considered response, though we mightn’t know … More A Poem: No Word

A Poem: Your Name

God, your name is on my tongue. Not as an entreaty, or as a question. Nor as an explanation for all that I believe. But as a simple breath. An exhalation of relief. A name, like a lover might repeat, over and over, to remind himself of  the one with whom he lies replete. God, … More A Poem: Your Name