A Poem: Consecrated

I opened the news today and thought, ‘what do I do with this?’ These stories hard to digest for being true. ‘What!’, and ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ – all question defying answers yet hanging in the air faintly as lost souls. I opened the news today, and found it wet with ink dripping, and dark red … More A Poem: Consecrated

A Poem: Half

When I walk I am half me at that, less even. My eyes look straight ahead, no hindsight. The past mostly a blank, apart from imagination. But when I walk I feel a memory through my ankles, not of shape so much as sense, like rising mist from which I step, not entirely myself – … More A Poem: Half

A Poem: Questions

Why the hurry, and the angst? The questions making tracks to circle upon themselves. What is not complete, answered, clarified, will in a flash too quick for thought be understood. The pieces that now exist separate in pockets and drawers with ill-fitting edges, that they have no partners, will find their place without our help, … More A Poem: Questions

A Poem: Back

You took me back. Back with your love. Back until there was no space between us. Back, back a thousand million years, and counting. Back falling in time, wind in my ears, from the cross, to the garden. To a garden where we walk like the world is new and fresh, untainted yet by the … More A Poem: Back