A Poem: Together II

My light,from my small candle’s rays,sought yours,found the edge,the limit where your lit flame could reach,and like a hand heldto make a stronger link,our lights metand magnified,grew in strength. My faith,to the extent of my trustand track record of hopeexpressed and met,wavers like a candle on a sill,but your voice,your hope rising,like a river singing, … More A Poem: Together II

A Poem: Beauty II

Ah, beauty is beckoning to us. And for all her glorious tresses,her unguarded open face,her generous voluptuous gift,beauty is shy and retiring,un-eager to draw a crowd,more often sneaking up unawareswith something singularly unique. So that when we partake of her gift,beauty is surprisingly intimate,personally presentin a way that speaks of herbeing prepared,seeking our acquiescence,bidding our … More A Poem: Beauty II

A Prayer: All Sufficient

Prayer is our armour,peace a shield,Your presence is a guardagainst the night. Great Mother,we drink from your breast.Great Father,we fall into your deep wellof all sufficient love. Like the woman who asked for the waterthat would forever satisfy,so she would not have to venture out,we ask for water over our heads,baptising,pouring from our limbs,our skin. … More A Prayer: All Sufficient

A Poem: A Way

There is a waythe sea holds the shore.One would think the solid,apparently insurmountable thingcontained the greater strength. But there is a waythe sea comes inconstant and sure,moving its body of weightto mould itselfagainst the cliff’s sheer edge,undeterred, that its hard face softensover timefrom rock to sand. There is a waythe snow falls sure,gently on branchesthat … More A Poem: A Way

A Poem: The Great Silence

In the great silencethe flowers seeded and grew,the rain fell, the land took a breath,exhaled.The sun turned on its wheelheedless to the forecast doom. In the great silencethe leaves folded, took their queueand detached from the branch,to become the first fruitof a fallen carpet,destined for mulch. In the great silence, north and south,the seasons changed,exchanged … More A Poem: The Great Silence

A Poem: God Appearing

And God came down,said he would appear when we least expected. And God came here,slipping in behind a door left open. Appearing like an angel bearing gifts. And we were too fearfulto believe, too blind to see,restless for peace, too anxious to trust the darknesseasing, shifting its dark wings,its swirling skirts. As we,locked into a … More A Poem: God Appearing