A Poem: Between Us

Don’t you know,don’t we knowwhat lies in our hands. A planet, round.What we touch each,resonating to theother side. Can you feel the trembleof the green treein leaf, from the wind thatpassed byon its turning circle. A planet, round.Where I standyou kneel to feel, and I am awareof how the foliagefalling, a discarded robe,is collected upand … More A Poem: Between Us

A Poem: Mahi

My friend takes thread and embroiders with it,each stitch an act of love. I can take a word,and sitand watch it grow. Who would have imaginedthe poetry in it. Others might see an idle moment,an absorption inconsistentwith life’s constant current. I say, what is lifebut the seed,the creative ebb and flow. My friend makes beauty … More A Poem: Mahi

A Poem: The Vine

God is a God who waitswith all things new. The vine soaks in the morning sun.The sap stirs and runs.We are here attached.The one who was promisedhas come, has not left. It is we who feel a quickening,to an ever giving love.We feel the sun,our blood, our skin singsin the life in which we live,connected. … More A Poem: The Vine

A Poem: Extended

The grass is wet underfoot,the showers passed. The sun slants through the trees,falls in sheetsupon the field. The soul is something like a blade of grassextended straight,looking up. It moves to the wind,lies down underfoot,is on occasion, cut, then grows again,vigorous. Oh to live like grass,surrendered, evergreen in light and dark. Ana Lisa de JongLiving … More A Poem: Extended

A Poem: For my Body

For my bodyI would steparound in a thousand circles like the sun setsor the moon orbitsthe earth who is in lovewith whom? For my bodyI would followthe way the light hits the upperside of leavesthe trunkthe grass spread who is desiringwhom? For my bodyI would singlow trill highthe way the birdssing their morning chorus who … More A Poem: For my Body

A Poem: Watching for the Morning

I am a watchperson for the morning. Up there,in the wind’s domainthe clouds move as passing ships,their grey giving way to silver blue,to white,at the touch of sun. What seems ominousfrom a distancemeets the lightand changes hue,becomes transparent,is all of a sudden overcome. Revealed assuch things as they have always been,although we,with the light behind … More A Poem: Watching for the Morning

A Poem: Blooming

I want to be like the flower,rooted. Who has seen a flowerthat has fought its bloom, has wished itselfnot to grow. Who has seen a flowerthat has not had everything come to it, though it has stayed rootedin place. Has not seen the wind,the sun, all the seasonsvisit in turn. Yes, I want to be … More A Poem: Blooming