A Poem: Watching for the Morning

I am a watchperson for the morning. Up there,in the wind’s domainthe clouds move as passing ships,their grey giving way to silver blue,to white,at the touch of sun. What seems ominousfrom a distancemeets the lightand changes hue,becomes transparent,is all of a sudden overcome. Revealed assuch things as they have always been,although we,with the light behind … More A Poem: Watching for the Morning

A Poem: Blooming

I want to be like the flower,rooted. Who has seen a flowerthat has fought its bloom, has wished itselfnot to grow. Who has seen a flowerthat has not had everything come to it, though it has stayed rootedin place. Has not seen the wind,the sun, all the seasonsvisit in turn. Yes, I want to be … More A Poem: Blooming

A Poem: Can We

Can we do this, can we take off our shoesin the presence of another, can we feel our bare feetwalk the imprint of their steps. Can we feel their experiencering through our tendons, tinge our blood. Can we touch the holythrough each other. Can we do this, can we removethe calluses from our palms, rub … More A Poem: Can We

A Poem: Anointing

Tears, running sapfrom the tree’s trunk, poured milkfrom the heart’s overflow. Sweat, for the reach of our armsbeyond their stretch. A wet stream followedto the soul’s interior, eyes cleansedto perceive its depths. The wound’s seepingto aid in its healing, rain falling to soaka parched, shriveled earth. Did we know, in our griefs,how the healing of … More A Poem: Anointing

A Poem: The Heavens

I wonder if wecould draw backas far as the stars, I wonder if wemight see our liveslike sand grains in the hand, the particles of which,a beach is made,a shoreline built. I wonder if we couldretreat back,as specks in history, silent shadows in drawing rooms,witnesses toancestral stories, mightn’t we grasp then,the unravelling ribbonas life’s continuum. … More A Poem: The Heavens