A Poem: A Room

It is small. My box. Well thumbed.It is a door I enter, shut behind.Sometimes I must stay there until I can breathe.Put down the things I handle overmuch.Come up for air. It is small but roomy for theWay it stretches back, and forward.History in the things collected, polished,Placed on the shelf.A box, a door, a … More A Poem: A Room

A Poem: A Name

There is something in the toneof grief, of fear.There is somethingin the act of crying out,voicing a name – ‘mama’, ‘God.’ Something that,in the time it takes the tongue to stutter,the heart to start, stop,has drawn a path,accessed heaven. There is somethingabout the one who inclines his head,wipes away tears,gives back strength for weakness,dignity for … More A Poem: A Name

A Poem: Windows

I look out the window,it is all I see.The only objects clear,the ones I can walk toand touch. The rest, a haze at the edge,colours and shapes thatmerge and separate,depending on the light,the weather. I can’t see around the pane,it’s dark length.I can lean out,but even then I feel the sillpressed against my front. Why … More A Poem: Windows

A Poem: Relief

I thought I understood the conceptof putting things down. I would feel them grow in weight. But perhaps our attempts at lifting things offmight only just shift them in place. That for a while we walkheads held high until the new muscle quavers andpulls, a burden familiar making itself knownwith a weight we’re not meant … More A Poem: Relief

A Poem: Look See

Look at this.You are beautiful.Yes! You! For you have a heart beatingand a mind capable of thought,of feeling.A soul in tune with eternity. And a smile,a face to see,with two eyesto look back at me. If we both see each otheras beautifulthen right here,in this place there is nothing butbeauty.Look and see. Ana Lisa de … More A Poem: Look See

A Poem: Something New

The world asks something of us each moment. Sometimes it’s so hard to offer up,it’s like the breaking of a husk. And sometimes it’s easyas falling snow, sunlight. Sometimes it feels like giving up,giving in, floating without support,standing on a precipice. Other times it’s as possible asbeing made for this moment, this very thing. Yet … More A Poem: Something New

A Poem: Thick-Skinned

Silence is the skin,not too thick, not too thin. Silence is the skinwe move in, soft feet,soundless. That we can walk into dangercovered. Silence is the hide thick,from which arrows deflect. Silence is the voice kept still,soft, resilient. Silence is the bruised reed,restored whole and taut. And silence is the facethat turns its cheek. The … More A Poem: Thick-Skinned

A Poem: Old with Me

Grow old with me,the best is yet be.The best, to come. We thought the bestarrived when firstwe met, young thingson the cusp,the brink of falling in. We thought it betteryet,when two became entwined, joining at the rootsto branch out andmake a house. Under whichseeds were shed,and seedlings grew. We thought the bestwas herein the shade, … More A Poem: Old with Me