A Poem: Growth

I am a fieldwith deep furrows,tracks your plough has made to till my soil. What feels like loss, failure, disaster,is from your heighta row for sowing seed. Perhaps I do not recognisethis coming season, for it never having been,and the crop, a batch untried. Yes, I am a field starting over,turned by a blade,that one … More A Poem: Growth

A Poem: How

I went and asked you, how you did it –let go. I think you said something likeit wasn’t something that you did so much as surrendered to. Not that choice was yours. And in the surrenderingyou discovered how, choice can be somethingover-rated. That the big picture has always been the one we never see. So … More A Poem: How

A Poem: Threads

This wisdom from aboveis that everything is enclosedin one round circle. Does it matter wherewe start or end,finish up. No, I think it mattersmore that we begin. The thread we pick up,just another in a webthat was fully formed before us. What do we add? Perhaps God in his graceloans us a part to play … More A Poem: Threads

A Poem: Welcome

You are welcome here.What door has God shut?Not the one that opens one heart toward another. What grace has God denied?Not the grace which receives each other whole,sees each other truly. You are wanted here.What place has God withheld?Not the place of shelter, of recognition. You are valued here.What hope has God reclaimed?Not the promise … More A Poem: Welcome

A Poem: Stones

There’s a stone in your shoethat you feel your toes curl round,sharp and smooth.It digs and rubs, movesthat sometimes it disturbs, disappears. There’s a stone in your shoe,that the vista is a scene with flaws,each sunset seen through cloud.And sunrise, a quick glimpsethrough breaks in mist. There are stones in our shoesthat in a breath … More A Poem: Stones