A Poem: Breath

Did I breathe today? Did I remember how the breath,the very air we draw in and release,is the same as the undergirding prayer,the flow in which we live. Did I breatheand take each molecule, this oxygen to drivethe heart, for granted,forget the wealth of it, the abundance in the gift. Did I breathe, remember the … More A Poem: Breath

A Poem: Loving

But I love,and I know you never saidI couldn’t, that you made this hearta beating organ. But I love,and didn’t know thatin the loving was the learning of what love meansand what it doesn’t. I love,and I know you never saidI couldn’t, that you made this hearta vessel pouring. But I love,and didn’t know thatin … More A Poem: Loving

A Poem: Established

That could be us. There is always a place on earthwith a still pool, a river reflecting the sun,a place to dwell in safety, a mountain vale,a wildflower sanctuary, a meadow for rest,a place hemmed in by natural boundary lines. That could be us. When the fire is raging,when the world has gone to blood … More A Poem: Established

A Poem: Lament

Lament is a song too.Of deep notes and chordshung aloft in the still air.Reverberating, like the bells that callus to bend lowin prayer.To listen. I could not sing withoutthe depth of feelingdrawn from loss and longing.It’s echoing. You ask me to sing,and I’ll tell you I only heedwhat I hear.The earth’s stirring. The high soft … More A Poem: Lament

A Poem: Fluid

Everything is fluidwhen we think of it. We are more water than substance.And it pours from us,in tears, blood, sweat. In our passions,in the heat of love,in the waste released. Ever liquid in, out.Mingling togetheras river’s meeting, in the giving of our lives overto one another.Each day’s pleasure and pain asks for our immersion,in our … More A Poem: Fluid

A Poem: Cross-Roads

The heart is in the middle of us. Everything travels through itat a cross roads. And the heart is in the middlethat everything can blossom out of it. And the things that look and feellike stones are really sinking seeds, making a home that in due seasonthey might bloom. The heart is in the very … More A Poem: Cross-Roads

A Poem: Linings

If you can’t see a silver lining,turn things inside out. Wash them with hope filled abandon,hang them in the sun. Let the wind whip them loose andrelease them of their weights. Gather them dry and soft,hold them close to heart. Place your face deep in,and smell the residue of breeze. And see how the sunlighthas … More A Poem: Linings

A Poem: In the Dark

In the dark.In the moment that the clock stops,turns back in the night. In the moment that you standin a field,under a sky that’s carried on long without you. In that moment that you justneed a breath of air,any air that was not breathed yesterday. In that moment you need to see thestars turning once … More A Poem: In the Dark

A Poem: Reflections

Maybe all isn’t lost? If water can reflect the imageof heaven, if light can find a path to us, if the stillness in the coreof a spinning world can remain at peace,undisturbed. Then after all,what can be lost? When we can lie downin the grass and look into the blue,gravity still holding us; and though … More A Poem: Reflections