A Poem: On Trial

To act with justice, but to love mercy,walk humbly. How to walk sometimeswith the scales balanced. The cups held steady. Justice something to be prised from our gripso intent are we on the administering. Whereas mercy, mercy is not poured from one cupwithout the emptying of the other. And what is love, but the antithesisof … More A Poem: On Trial

A Poem: Budding

I’m going to tell you a secretas clear as the sunrise,the one that shakes you awake each day. I’m going to say –like the flower bud that draws the bees –that perhaps you were placed,desired,formed like a bud unfolding,to be at the end of the stem,the focus of God’s gaze. Perhaps God made youfor no … More A Poem: Budding

A Poem: Faith by Sight

We cannot force faith.Like happiness, faith is fosteredin moments that look very much like a giving wayof expectation. We lift our eyesto the ever-changing weather,the inclement climate,the clouds taking turns with the sun. Somehow, even though the Heaven’s changeand stars fall out of the sky,to burst at the edge of the world, we trust our … More A Poem: Faith by Sight

A Poem: Rule of Love

Is love a rule? It is said that it is the one rulecontaining all the others.That it’s something we’re to put on,rather than followin a straight line. For the discerninglove is not a choice,if life is to be the outcome.More often love looks like a hard path,with twists and turns. It is seldom clear.And love … More A Poem: Rule of Love

A Poem: Rest Points

I’m going to tell you a little secret,a little hard-learned truth,gained upon through long labour,and an endless broken walk. I’m going to tell you a whisper,a revelation to the heart,of an ease you cannot discoverbut for the pain of the path. Do not torture yourself.We don’t come to ourselvesthrough failed works, butthrough a kindness that … More A Poem: Rest Points