A Poem: Too Much

Everything is too beautifulto take into my mouth, to swallow down so Ican keep a taste. I read my bookand am in Cairo, seeing the pyramidsthrough canvas in the dark, the unearthly glow,the lamplight. And hear my music,its midday, outside the birds are singingas though their morning song were not enough. And I put down … More A Poem: Too Much

A Poem: Waiting

There’s much talk about finding heaven here,and then again we know this as a waiting room. Sometimes I feel like a bridetrying on her wedding clothes, what else but anticipation is felt in the spring sunshine,under the apple blossoms. Other times, I fight to be worthy of myself,and waiting seems a long walk. And heaven … More A Poem: Waiting

A Poem: Cheering

I can hear you cheeringbefore I even reach your feet.You will not let me enter your presencewith blood on my hands,guilt in my face. I can hear you say,‘lift your head’.That anyone who comes to youyou’ve already pronouncedclean, whole. And in the shadow of your love, I feel,even before I take your hand,that I am … More A Poem: Cheering

A Poem: Home

Did you come home today?Did it feel like this? Warmth, heatin the cold,sweet cool on your feet in the sun. Did it rise upto meet you on the walk,did it open its door? Yellow,as the pansies in their pot,or the bulbs in a jar. And did it smelllike coffee,or dinner when you’re famished. Did the … More A Poem: Home

A Poem: Somewhere

There is always something to do,somewhere to go,someone to be. Then there is here,where we are fully ourselves,fully present,fully attentive in our being. There is something aboutalways doing, always goingsomewhere,always presenting someone. It’s as though they are the clotheswe wear,the face we cover,the space we put between who we are truly,and who it is we … More A Poem: Somewhere