A Poem: Touched

I felt the sun as your lips on my brow. The birdsong your voice in my ear. The breeze your reach toward me. Who does not want to be loved by their beloved. A religion without the flesh, the senses, is like a kiss blown in the air. I would imagine you here. It is … More A Poem: Touched

A Poem: Movements

Today I movefrom here to there.Not far. Just to where the light leads,where it falls. The radius of your love is widethat I cannot spin out of it. But some days are for slowing,stilling, to stay in the spotswhere we’ve stopped. Though my heart is out thereI rein it in, woo itthat my body may … More A Poem: Movements

A Poem: Seeds

Are you just a little angry, ruffled feathers.Or tail high like the cat, fur on edge. I woke this morning out of sorts,that if licked, I might taste as salt.It’s hard sometimes not to nurture a seed.To give it space on the shelf, to ponder it. Which could be wise for a time,but then there … More A Poem: Seeds

A Poem: An Island

The heart opens and closes.Everything made to contract, and then release.How we embrace, and then step back,as though somewhere inside is a self to safeguard.Although in the momentwe are ready to lose it. The body is an island,and we want and want again.And each are a seabreaking upon each other’s shores.I am always on a … More A Poem: An Island

A Poem: Pearls

The pearl is held tight in the oyster’s shell.The world holds her breath,feels the pangs of birth.The pearl is a tear drop formed.Small. Falling into cupped handsNothing is spared. We who cry a river, falling over the edge,have a cushion in the water.We are held,that a little pressure sometimesis the impetus for a stream,a dam … More A Poem: Pearls

A Poem: Not Here

If there is loneliness it should not be here.Not in the world with its myriad colours, sights, scents, sounds. Yes, the day I let loneliness have the last saywill be the day I did not open my eyes to Love’s attentions. She is always the first and last guest to the party.The one who brings … More A Poem: Not Here

A Poem: Knowing God

Ah, so you don’t think you know God?God is grace, more than anything else.And grace is everywhere. God has her earthand her sky, and in between spreadsherself out. You walk upon her,and she is the very atmosphere,the air you breathe:  the utmost edge,the highest. And she is the softness of snow,or more like the quilt … More A Poem: Knowing God

A Poem: Joy’s Face

I want to write of joy, but not the joy that parades,the joy that needs bells and whistles,occasions. I want to write of joy that arrives in every season,that undergirds all the fleeting feelingsarising. I want to write of joy, but not of the overblown rose withher scents and opulence,her full headed extravagance, but of … More A Poem: Joy’s Face