A Poem: Ribbons

You leave such a trail as you set.Your golden orb sending all the clouds to flame.And the blue of skyagainst the soft rose pink,belies that you’ve already made your retreat.Left the room with ribbons trailing. Yes, you become most beautifulas you take your leave,as a woman might turnthe round of her cheekto the too frank … More A Poem: Ribbons

A Poem: Birthing

Where do I not wantto open my heart this year?Perhaps that is where the Christ childis waiting, a baby in the womb? What do I not want to allowto be birthed in me?Is that where Divine would place his seedand see it grow? Where do I not want to Give God rein,where am I an … More A Poem: Birthing

A Poem: Sight

Acceptance sometimes goes against the grain.When people think you should fight, push through a thing,then acceptance can look somewhat like giving in. But acceptance can be active in its stance,a choice in a sense for equanimity.Someone once said the truth cannot hurt,which means peace is a form of grace we turn inwards. A brave kind … More A Poem: Sight

A Poem: New Leaves

Death and life, I think we choose each day.That defeat is not so much an enemyas a parent, a friend endorsing us to raise our heads,opening the curtains by our bedsspeaking of newness. And life? Sometimes it fully unravels by night timeand the only thing to stop us tossingand despairing in our sleep,or our attempts … More A Poem: New Leaves

A Poem: Glimpses

You ask I follow, but I can’t see you. Gone in a flash between leaveslike a sudden gust.And I don’t know what is it I’m asked to follow. My own life, in footsteps,this disturbance in the undergrowth,here and gone as the foraging birds. And what is the nature of this thingthat hints its path for … More A Poem: Glimpses

A Poem: Patience

We must be patient with our days.The ground’s prepared and then by all appearancelies fallow as an empty fieldunder water and rain,before the farmer has a crop for harvesting. And the woman making bread,weighing all her elements,kneads with patience,allowing the yeast to ferment,kneading again, that the dough will rise. There are steps for sowing, reaping, … More A Poem: Patience

A Poem: Cursive

It is like cursive words upon the page,this way we live beside,linked but separate,in running ink. It’s like the tidethat turns back upon itself,the curve of a wave ocean boundbecoming a long ribbon of river. Or it’s like flax,how in the hands of the weaverit becomes a mat, or a kete,a carrier. Something greaterfor its … More A Poem: Cursive