A Poem: Who you are

What you wear matters lessthan what you say,and what you say matters less eventhan the words already livingin your midst. The words, that when your lipsbegin to move, find the shape,the clothing that fits,that their very authenticity willfind an ear in the hearer. And what you wearhardly comparesto what lies underneath,the shine that no grey … More A Poem: Who you are

A Poem: The Dance

If life is an eternal dancethen where does faith fit in the flowof things? Like the clouds does she gather up her skirts,catch the wind? Does she slot in arm in arm with us,a partner leading, or does she sometimes exit to the leftthat we must dance alone, wondering the moves,whether our steps are setor … More A Poem: The Dance

A Poem: Wide as Love

Over there is bluesoft as a duck’s shell, wide as the sky,within which hangs the moon still,a reminder of her night light. And to the right,the sun warm on the cheek,lids of eyes, and my chest rising, fallingwith the breath of life. And behind, I knoware two shades of dahlia,the agapanthus all reaching forward at … More A Poem: Wide as Love

A Poem: Wishing You

I wish you better.Whatever you didn’t get,lost. Whatever in this last yearyou would hope to forget,I wish you amnesia. If not forever, just for the time it takesto imagine, to place new hopestep by step. And, whatever in this last year you did not receive,or rather lost as something unable to bekept in the hands … More A Poem: Wishing You

A Poem: In the Midst

It is hard to believe in the midst of it,that the mist is a veil. Or in the dark,that the dark is a blanket. Whenever we cannot see our way,it is hard to imagine beauty existssomewhere stillnot far from us. Even when tracing back,seeing our path cross hills and vales,a dip in the topographycan seem … More A Poem: In the Midst

A Poem: Taking Turns

We slip in and out of view,one curtain opens, another closes,a new-born cries, a child weeps. The sun sets, sinksand then emerges againas though nothing has occurred. That life has a way of turning overis both brutaland hope filled. We need somethingto look death in the faceand obstinately resist it. We need something,even when the … More A Poem: Taking Turns

A Poem: For Beauty

I think beauty has become the new bread.There was a day we scanned our emailsfor bills, for discount sales, for those thingswe’d forgotten we had meant to do. And now: Now we check each platform we belongfor snippets enough to feed on.To gather together to make a meal to satethe gnawing of our stomachs, our … More A Poem: For Beauty

A Poem: Benediction

Burn off, burn offlike the coming of the light.Leave yesterday in a blaze of leaves.Pile of ashes. Today is always a revolutionary turnto the east.To watch how the sun bringsevery dark corner to light. Each day naked as Adam and Evewe walk in the garden astonished.That we are given another dayis always amazing. We, children … More A Poem: Benediction

A Poem: Gifts

Break open like the seed that you are.You are the skin of an orange enclosing sweetness. You are a gift carried in cupped hands.A perfume caught on the wind by the passerby,wondering its origin. Break open that you can be both gift and containerof each fallen blessing. Break open that nothing you need can’t be … More A Poem: Gifts