A Poem: Trust

Everything is possiblefor God – for whom the sun riseson a trajectory that no one can stop her,nothing divert her. Therefore we are assuredof everything possible. That our growth, like that of the trees,is as natural and ordained aseverything else hereat this present point in history. That ‘now’ is our time. That ‘now’ is a … More A Poem: Trust

A Poem: Beneath

There is a place that lies there hidden,quiet beneaththe cacophony of life. Like the hue of green,which though predominanthas its shades of light and dark and underneath a canvas blank,its colour just a reflection of light. So everything on the surface,the buzz and business of the world,hides behind it, a vastness stretchedas a prairie in … More A Poem: Beneath

A Poem: We Believe

We believe. We believe in the sun risingand falling,in the birds and the trees,the ocean’s hum registering far within. The way a seashell put to the eardraws from us a dozen memories,of childhood, of floating on the currents,of waves against a beach. So personal, individual,we travel on a raft of longingsand remembrances. Therefore we believe. … More A Poem: We Believe

A Poem: A Map

 Ah, what does listening look likewhen the ears are open? As we sit and open our eyes,I wonder if we hear the clickof the drawbridge of our hearts widening a crack,the eyes to our soulsopening their lids? Are not all our senses connectedas woven webs translucent and hardly apparent,until we see how opening the earsbrings … More A Poem: A Map

A Poem: Farewell

Have you noticed how,before the sun sets with her resolute face,she takes one last glance and the blue of the skyreflects that of a child new born,eyes pooling rounds of shining grace. And the look she bequeathsmakes us think given choiceshe would want to stay, so much that the blue soon fadingfollows her with its … More A Poem: Farewell

A Poem: Art

At the end of the dayyou take all you didn’t do,all that didn’t come to pass,all your hopes and fears, the small assaults and invasionsof the day,everything that took from youyour peace – and you melt it down. You roll it into a cigaretteand make it flame.You write it that it loses all its powerto … More A Poem: Art