A Poem: Perception

Did you know how love makes everything easier.A priest told me once to see the ones I loveas precious glass, easily shattered.To place them on a mantelpiece,in an honored place.Understand how easy it is for us all to break. Yes, to see the ones we love as they are,we might sometimes go outside.Perceive them through … More A Poem: Perception

A Poem: Candles

We each have our shields.Mine are words linked together. There is a way that each of uskeeps the faith,even if a little candle burning, left out on a windowsill.Its light,its message speaking volumes. To counter darknesstake what you have close to heart. You need not call them weapons.After all shoes of peace sounds benignand yet … More A Poem: Candles

A Poem: No Shadow

Today there is no shadow. The blue is a dome of gentle sky.The green of trees struck by morning lightto gold wicked flames.Pointing up, keeping straight. Today there is no shadow of cloud even.If I could fall standing up, I mightbe captured in this stretched out,filigree thin net ofsoft blue blanket. Or not –it does … More A Poem: No Shadow

A Poem: Rivers

It is yours. I just caught it, pocketed it as a leafin a gust of wind,or a shell among many at the water’s edge. I just listened for it, distinguished itamongst the background noise.Ringing as all real poetry, clearas a singing bowl. Although it is yours,it is like the river,in which you stand not knowing … More A Poem: Rivers

A Poem: Holy

That you are holy, sitting on a hill,this we know. That you are there and still here,that you have moved and not moved, altogether holy,altogether present with us. That you’re here like the seraphwith coal against our lips, the kiss of life. That we are there, as the woman at the wellwith water running down … More A Poem: Holy

A Poem: Doubt

That moment you say, ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Cannot say for certain.’ ‘Don’t know what it is even,right now, that I believe in.’ You are afraid that such lack of faithis a nail driven. Establishing your doubts,as testimonies upon your door. Showing you up as one bentby the wind, easily swayed. But I think faith is … More A Poem: Doubt