A Poem: In the Branch

Love in the branch,the rising anchored trunk,the leaves, blossoms, seed pods. The wind spreading the gift.New roots from old.The birds, the bees, the butterflies. Everything a link.Linking love, that grows its armsaround us. ‘It is love alone’ – alone,but not. Love is a chain,the same chain thatflushed your parents cheekswhen they looked upon you, held … More A Poem: In the Branch

A Poem: As it Is

It is as it is. Say it with me – it is as it is. And that is the secret truththat is so wonderful. That it is this. This treasure in the ordinary. The treasure shiningwhich-ever way we look. Sometimes in tears on lids, or in the smile of the eyesin someone reflecting back to … More A Poem: As it Is

A Poem: Free

Sometimes it’s as simple asbelieving ‘You shall know the truth,and the truth shall set you free’. Sometimes believing something simpleis the only thing to do. To imagine something otherwise,is not just hard but far from freedom. Truth is an inner knowing,that somehow defies description, though it might come and golike the wind. And Freedom? Freedom … More A Poem: Free

A Poem: Inadequate

We feel so inadequate sometimesto bring a light to ward off the dark. We are powerless to push aside itsbreadth and height, its creeping edge. We feel alone, that even together we mustreach for each other’s hands, walk one careful step,one hard day at a time. Yes, we feel overwhelmed,undone. That the dark, sometimes like … More A Poem: Inadequate

A Poem: Knowledge

‘Do not fear my daughter,you seek to aspire to climb the trees of lifeand of knowledge. Instead simply stand,sit, see what has fallen away,and what has landed in your lap,which you shall recognisefor being yours. Perhaps you might imagine itas you and the worldsitting in a circle,sharing a meal. Each of you holdingthe taonga of … More A Poem: Knowledge