A Poem: Beautiful

Are you beautiful?It depends how you perceive yourself. See yourselflooking back at you. Are you beautiful? It depends how we ask ourselves,as to whether there is any doubt. The hesitant question giving roomfor assessment, the risk in arguing,is that we fail to see how everyone beautiful long ago ceased all disagreement. And instead received the … More A Poem: Beautiful

A Poem: Whole

Could it be we each are branchesof the one tree?That love is the sap connecting us.That leaf by leafwe are woven as thread into the other,that there is no standalone limbthat is not fused somehow into the trunk,and has its anchoring piece. And that the wholeness we seekis both the fullness of the body of … More A Poem: Whole

A Poem: A Light

There is a light that you cannot see.It is the light of heavenshining from your eyes. We are like peoplewho look in a mirrorto see ourselves in freeze frame. There is no movement of grace,warmth of hand,connection of one iris with another. And there are no words in the mirrorlike the echo of our friend’s … More A Poem: A Light

A Poem: Everlasting

It is Joy that keeps you. Comes to us with ‘armloads of salvation’that at our feet are flowers,not chastisement. And Joy are the bloomswe place in the vasewith their everlasting fragrance. It is Joy that draws you. To the evergreen tree,under whose shadows is rest and shelter,and every fruit in season. And a river flowingthat … More A Poem: Everlasting

A Poem: Slow

Slow, slow it down.Good things take so much time,as though time were the gift andnot the things obtained. Good things are like wine smelt,savoured,swirled around, almost to the lipof the glass,then running down, down,round again. And brought so slowly to the mouththat the tongue might lingerwith the taste,sip before it swallowsthe rich red stream,feel it … More A Poem: Slow

A Poem: Moving

Lie down and cease moving.Look up, and see how you needn’t tryto be part of the stream of consciousness,the river of life. And take yourself out of yourselfto your mat under the great bowl of skywhen evening or sunrise arrives.See the great dance needing no permissionfor continuing. How the scudding clouds, sunlit,are breaking up the … More A Poem: Moving

A Poem: Now

It is where you are nowthat is the only thing true,the only thing that matters. That you can sink into the pillow,or the sand, or the green grass,and turn your head that the sun will make a beamright upon your face,or the gracious dark. The hills are both in sun and shadow,and from where I … More A Poem: Now

A Poem: To Know

I love the ones who say they don’t know.I would rather stand with themthan with 1000 sure opinions. For who do we agree with –the learned, the longwinded?Must we each water down our thoughtsuntil they become something agreeable,that we might call our common groundreligion? Khalil Gibran talked about spaces between,in which the winds of heaven … More A Poem: To Know