A Poem: Seeds

Can we truly save anyone? We might only lose ourselvesin the trying. Any saving that asks for the sheddingof ourselves – in small piecesto shore up another – is not salvation, so muchas a sad slow fading of light at the day’s conclusion. Whereas love, love given, sometimes in no measurable meansother than the ache … More A Poem: Seeds

Poetry – A Quartet

By Ana Lisa de Jong Ah poetry, that anyone takes you seriously. Or presumes to understand. That you are completely rightand utterly wrong in the one breath, makes you so human and divine,both. And that is what we love about you,that you can’t be tamed. That everything that needs to be spelled out,is not poetry. … More Poetry – A Quartet

A Poem: Steps

We think that it is all on our own. Each step we take,another path to choose.Each left or right, a second guess,a trepidatious move. Such that we feel the groundfor solidity,test the air waves for scent of danger,move as though under water. Slow, that our weight is pressedagainst the flow.Feeling as though we have to … More A Poem: Steps

A Poem: Inhabitation

God inhabits all his creation,that he is our mother, father, sister, brother.That in him we are birthed, tended,nurtured, surrounded by the rushof familial love. And in him are raised.Mothered, as the pup with eyes closed,knowing the weight of a warm flank,tongue and breath upon our wet coat,the teat for drawing nourishment. And fathered in the … More A Poem: Inhabitation

A Poem: Starlight

Who can decideon what is lost?When we sanctify itin the memoryit is a part of us. As the stars that do not diebut instead hang in the sky,as more than remembranceand a light in the dark – but as a clear andshining testamentto love. Who can decide thenon what is gone, or knowwhat is etched … More A Poem: Starlight

A Poem: Following

Your Word, I follow it, less as a prescription,or a formula, than as an endless invitation, an offer to jointhe general dance. Your Word, I see it unravelling,trailing behind as sunbeams cast, or as a guideturning with his torch illuminating the way. Your Word, I clasp it, less as a book made of lettersin print, … More A Poem: Following