A Poem: Colours

God is the one in us who rises upin the morning,taking shape, and moves. And like the morning mistdisperses,turning colourdepending how the sun hits. Taking on a hue of gold,or the rich red russetof leaves. Or God is a tree, or the trees herestanding like beaconsall aflame, and we are the mistlit by the sun,and … More A Poem: Colours

A Poem: Absence

Darkness is simply an absence of light.Everything is still here. The bed with its hard cornerto be felt around.The soft chair that takes all our weight. The lounge and the kitchen,the switch of the kettle.The warmth of cup in hand. Darkness is a blanket,filled sometimes with false premonitionsand fears that need darkness to survive. But … More A Poem: Absence

A Poem: Lingering

When I am in the garden pulling weeds,green shoots of grass that keep setting their seeds in the garden bed, my life finds me. When I am in the kitchen cooking,or at the table, where puzzle pieces laid out by childrentalk to me with their varied colours,pink, blue and green, my life finds me. When … More A Poem: Lingering