A Poem: Gilt Edged

The cloud had her gilt edges,all lit by sun. These shimmery thin tendrilsthrough which the light shone. While the rest of her, subduedin modest grey, even if she sought to,would not have drawn the eye. Not in the same wayas her edges, all soaring and silver rimmed,all insubstantial and sheer as muslin,set adrift in the … More A Poem: Gilt Edged

A Poem: Soft God

Ah, God that you come settle upon usas the rain from heaven. That we can turn up our faceand feel your breath,a benediction upon our skin. Although soft as a whisper,still all encompassing,as the mist of the morning arriving to kiss the earth. Ah, God that in silence you stretch out with us,as dawn sending … More A Poem: Soft God

A Poem: Orchid Speak

I asked the orchid to speak to me of purity.And from her high placewith her white puffed cheeksand yellow stamen tongue, she said howit is love that makes us pure,noble. Not trying with all our mightbut settling roots into the ground,and from there feeling the momentum to grow.Height being reached and sustainedwhen our feet are … More A Poem: Orchid Speak