A Poem: Veils

Somehow the veil lifted today,though it closed a few minutes from waking. We are so often followed out of bedby the griefs we fell to sleep with. Next time I shall anticipatea lessening of weight above, around.As a change in weather pressure, or a break in the clouds admits sunlight.And I shall rush underneath, as … More A Poem: Veils

A Poem: Day’s Grace

At the end of the day, even the good days,we can feel as if we’ve liveda life. The strength of morning,the grace given for the momentsopening upon themselves. The sweet forgiveness of yesterday’s assaults,the love that renewsas dew upon the grass. The updraft that buoys usas we extend in movement,find our stride. The riding of … More A Poem: Day’s Grace

A Poem: Homeschooling

I am teaching my children to make lemonade.How to add the sweet to the tart.How to praise lemons,though they might sting the tongue. I am teaching my children to draw themselves space.How to harness the mind’s affinityfor the building of palaces. How to expand the sun from an edge of canvas,to illuminate the whole stretchwith … More A Poem: Homeschooling

A Poem: Bows

Sometimes you cannot tie things up into neat little bows.Socks found and paired.Questions answered before sleep. Sometimes you cannot do morethan walk in ever decreasing circles.No closer to puzzles solved than yesterday. Only aware of an echo of stonesfalling into water wells,and a fatigue unrelieved by rest. Sometimes you cannot speak with welcome wisdom,or find … More A Poem: Bows

A Poem: Benediction

My Michelia Yunnanensis greets the morning. See how it is stretched towards the light? Each cupped bloom turnedto the north east,backs set against the wind. Each uplifted on stemsanchored within leaves,trusting faces tilted to the gracious sun. My Michelia Yunnanensis greets the day.Glistening with the remnants of last night’s rain,drinking in, dependent on the water’s … More A Poem: Benediction