A Poem: Sides

Two sides of the coin. Sorrow and joy,love and loss. And the river runs swift. These life courseswe have placed our faith in. We can hold them tight in our wallets, our coins,that the only imprints upon them are our own hands squeezing, counting outour precious acquisitions. Or we can hold them loosely. That they … More A Poem: Sides

A Poem: Amends

Gratitude is the flower that blooms before the bee comes. Gratitude is praising what isn’t yetto be sure it arrives. Gratitude is not unlike the tuis in the cherry tree,their riotous party. And gratitude is Lavenderand Butterfly Pea tea, two cups and saucers,slices of lemon. Not waiting for a softening but drawing upon the strength … More A Poem: Amends

A Poem: Spinning

I am going spinning round the room. And you are at my shirt tails,reaching out. Repeating the refrain to rest.Rest, rest, as I see in all my spinningwhat is achieved. Nothing but a whirlwindat my feet. That permission becomes agift to give myself. As you remove the guiltfrom all my strivings. Show me how we … More A Poem: Spinning

A Poem: Good

When I can’t use the word God, when I won’t be heardor misunderstood,I will use the word good. And I don’t mean in terms ofright and wrong,or Pollyanna pies in the sky. No, by good I mean the pulse of life. Goodness with its long vowels.Goodness with the way it speaks of surpriseand wonder, as … More A Poem: Good

A Poem: Brighter

I have woken up and the sun is brighterthan bright. How can that be,or is it that that my eyes are cleansed? And the kowhai tree has suddenly bloomed. Or is it, I just didn’t see it yesterday? And the birds are louder,next door’s cat more brazen in his venturing. The children happier, for no-one … More A Poem: Brighter

A Poem: Wings

How I pray to let things go.Hold my hands tight so they do not move,fix things of their own accord. How I pray to let things be.Restrict my hands from interference, resist the need to cast an influenceupon things that do not need it. How I pray to receive restraintin balance with a loving attention, … More A Poem: Wings

A Poem: Bubbles

Our bubble, so fragilesometimes it feels the darkhas seeped through the walls,though our lights shine bright. Our bubble, like the soap sudsrinsed from our plates.So transparent,so quickly dissolved. And our bubble, fineand as easily breachedas muslin cloth strainsjuice from fruit. Yes, we exist in a bubble now hangingin space.With faith and love the hopebinding the … More A Poem: Bubbles