Living Leaf by Leaf

Originally posted on April Yamasaki:
During my husband’s journey with cancer, we decided that taking life “one day at a time” was too much for us. Instead, we learned to plan just half a day at a time. On treatment days, it was a half day for chemo, and then if he was feeling up…

A Poem: Mirrors

I think sometimes we areto make of ourselves a lakethat mirrors the blue. An eye turned inwards in introspectioncan draw us further from the truth,the light. When instead we were made to riseabove the murky waters,the dark cold depths, to where the clouds make their patternsin the sky,transpose them upon the water’s surface. We were … More A Poem: Mirrors

A Poem: Truths

What does your heart say? Open and listenbefore someone else speaks. Know what it is that quietly breathes,what you already knew before someone told you. Your heart does not waste its timeon untruths. If it is silentit’s just awaiting your ear, inclined, expectant. What is this wisdom thatprecedes the world? That does not enunciateand yet … More A Poem: Truths