A Poem: Backbone

By our backbones, our fanning ribs,we mirror the mountains. The way they lie prone, arched,with their offshoots of rock,their gentle foothills. By our backbones we stretch,unfurl as a ribbon of mountainsrunning into the sea. And sitby our backbones connected,to Papatūānuku, our grounding mother. That with our eyes canvassing the land,the sky,we centre into the full … More A Poem: Backbone

A Poem: Blessings

Sometimes we think it must be one or the other.When our dreams become plans too big,they must push past a ceiling.Perhaps it’s that we remember when younghow we were asked to choosebetween this or that sweet treatheld out in the hand. It was not often we were given full reinto gorge ourselves full to brimming.But … More A Poem: Blessings

A Poem: The Birds

We debate about who is right,who is wrong.Put our cards on the table,turn them over.Try even to build a tower,our neighbour then blows overwith hot air. While the birds out the windowkeep on singing theirforever tunes.Living in the width of the moment,the stretch from dawn to dusk,or at most,the great leap between seasons. While we … More A Poem: The Birds