A Poem: Dignity

Perhaps standing up for ourselvesis more making a space around ourselves. One in which we moveas a water drop undisturbed. A drop that is part of the ocean,or the stream or a shower,but is also contained, and is entirely wateron its own terms. Perhaps moving through the worldwith courage and dignityis knowing what we hold … More A Poem: Dignity

A Poem: Faith

She, in the novel I am reading,is right—how we must pray,for it edges our days. And we must believe,as ones who in the light of daycan’t see the starsbut know that they are there. And hold the sacred textsopen on our laps,that the seeds might fall out,find fertile soil. Kneel even, that our tearsmight reach … More A Poem: Faith

A Poem: If

If the sun can set like this.Shining up at us from the lee of the hills.Waving at us with his golden hands. If the sun can do this.Bid farewell with such cheerful fortitude,as though today will surely arrive again, will just be gone for a spelland then reborn. If the sun can do this.Show us … More A Poem: If

A Poem: More

To do, when you want more. Sit down and feel the ground.Feel how it is moving and not moving.Breathe and feel your lungs,how they expand and contract without your notice.Know that more is as much waiting for you as you are looking for it.It may seem like little is happeningbut the tide coming in and … More A Poem: More