A Poem: This Close

More central than gravityI pivot on you,as on the eye of the needle. More present than airI walk in youas the sea surrounding. My eyes cannot focuson the things too near,but you still live here, just a hair’s breadth away. And I swing, as the planetsin their circle,hardly knowing the force that pulls. But feeling … More A Poem: This Close

A Poem: A Practice

I wash my handsof possession, procrastination. Swipe right,one palm across the other, scattering all that clings. Then bring the two together,skin to skin, that my hands are now a steeplesoft against the chest. An openingto an inner kingdom. With chinresting upon fingers, and the closing of my eyesbidding my bodies acquiescence to the position of … More A Poem: A Practice

A Poem: Gilt Edged

The cloud had her gilt edges,all lit by sun. These shimmery thin tendrilsthrough which the light shone. While the rest of her, subduedin modest grey, even if she sought to,would not have drawn the eye. Not in the same wayas her edges, all soaring and silver rimmed,all insubstantial and sheer as muslin,set adrift in the … More A Poem: Gilt Edged

A Poem: Soft God

Ah, God that you come settle upon usas the rain from heaven. That we can turn up our faceand feel your breath,a benediction upon our skin. Although soft as a whisper,still all encompassing,as the mist of the morning arriving to kiss the earth. Ah, God that in silence you stretch out with us,as dawn sending … More A Poem: Soft God

A Poem: Orchid Speak

I asked the orchid to speak to me of purity.And from her high placewith her white puffed cheeksand yellow stamen tongue, she said howit is love that makes us pure,noble. Not trying with all our mightbut settling roots into the ground,and from there feeling the momentum to grow.Height being reached and sustainedwhen our feet are … More A Poem: Orchid Speak

A Poem: Colours

God is the one in us who rises upin the morning,taking shape, and moves. And like the morning mistdisperses,turning colourdepending how the sun hits. Taking on a hue of gold,or the rich red russetof leaves. Or God is a tree, or the trees herestanding like beaconsall aflame, and we are the mistlit by the sun,and … More A Poem: Colours

A Poem: Absence

Darkness is simply an absence of light.Everything is still here. The bed with its hard cornerto be felt around.The soft chair that takes all our weight. The lounge and the kitchen,the switch of the kettle.The warmth of cup in hand. Darkness is a blanket,filled sometimes with false premonitionsand fears that need darkness to survive. But … More A Poem: Absence

A Poem: Lingering

When I am in the garden pulling weeds,green shoots of grass that keep setting their seeds in the garden bed, my life finds me. When I am in the kitchen cooking,or at the table, where puzzle pieces laid out by childrentalk to me with their varied colours,pink, blue and green, my life finds me. When … More A Poem: Lingering