A Poem: Moving

Lie down and cease moving.Look up, and see how you needn’t tryto be part of the stream of consciousness,the river of life. And take yourself out of yourselfto your mat under the great bowl of skywhen evening or sunrise arrives.See the great dance needing no permissionfor continuing. How the scudding clouds, sunlit,are breaking up the … More A Poem: Moving

A Poem: Now

It is where you are nowthat is the only thing true,the only thing that matters. That you can sink into the pillow,or the sand, or the green grass,and turn your head that the sun will make a beamright upon your face,or the gracious dark. The hills are both in sun and shadow,and from where I … More A Poem: Now

A Poem: To Know

I love the ones who say they don’t know.I would rather stand with themthan with 1000 sure opinions. For who do we agree with –the learned, the longwinded?Must we each water down our thoughtsuntil they become something agreeable,that we might call our common groundreligion? Khalil Gibran talked about spaces between,in which the winds of heaven … More A Poem: To Know

A Poem: Dancing

So we are each made of moleculesthat danced a certain way to fuse together,become something solid. This I know, that we are not dice that fallin a random pattern,but birds of a feather that find one another,flock together,sometimes even fly in tandem. Magic wears a veilbehind which is occurring a string of thingsmuch more than … More A Poem: Dancing

A Poem: Pouring

It is pouring so,that the earth collects our tears as a midwife. There is no rain pouring into puddlesthat will not find its stream, divert to where it is needed to nourishand restore. There is every season turning,and some come in floods and hurricanes, ever torrentialthat we cannot keep up. Our shelters evenappearing to tumble … More A Poem: Pouring

A Poem: Rising

Love is what we wake up to,her hovering face.We, birds in the nest,cubs in their lair,are protectedby warmth of fur,interweaving of feathers. Love is what enters us as morning breaththat our shallow gasps upon waking,our endless aches,are relieved by her mouthgiving sustenance,her lifegiving attendance. That we are without help,is not the message of the morning.This … More A Poem: Rising

Book Review: Joy Lenton, ‘Sacred Noticing’

A SPECIAL SHARING On this Mother’s Day, where my gift is quiet sacred noticing in this exquisite, sun soaked Autumn, I wanted to share with you the gift of my friend Joy Lenton’s new poetry collection ‘Sacred Noticing’. Here is one of her gentle, nourishing poems: Unveiling We live on the liminal edgebetween this worldand … More Book Review: Joy Lenton, ‘Sacred Noticing’

A Poem: Entranceways

Lord of the opening and shut doors.The ways in,the leading out. We of the small vision,the possessionsand tender dreams – we give it all,give it all over. Not by counting,or packing,or by measuring all our gains, but by inviting you.Welcoming you in. Lord of the opening and shut doors.We hold in our handsthe sum of … More A Poem: Entranceways

A Poem: Exhale

What breath have you been holding onto?Rise from your chair, your bed,and let it go,that it might float behind and fall in fragments. The breath that is drawn from heaven,that is our daily oxygen,does not bring with it any encumbrances. If your chest is heavy, weighted as a stone,perhaps it is simply breath stored,you are … More A Poem: Exhale