A Poem: Yeast

He gave me one loaf and told me to feed 5000. I asked him how to do this and still keep a portion for myself. He said, ‘whoever speaks of keeping has no concept of creation.’ From a void the earth was formed, and from a trickle was drawn a flood. The bread was broke … More A Poem: Yeast

A Poem: Going Out

I’m going out and I won’t be home until I’m happier. Less hungry for want of what I do not know. I hope to find it by the river or on some bend somewhere on my walk. I don’t know, but I will be looking for the unexpected thing looking back. Knowing that the treasures … More A Poem: Going Out

A Poem: Look

Look. We make so many plans we forget to look for the unplanned. Forget to sit still unnoticed that we might see what comes to us. Forget to turn around 360 degrees, to look behind, and under rocks. Behind our hopes or dashed expectations to see what might be veiled. What might belie appearance to … More A Poem: Look

A Poem: Shine

I got up with the birds today. The heavy cloak that covered me as I slept, tucked its edges around me that for a moment I could not breathe, could not sense the light for the dark, lifted with the birds. The birds whose morning song tore the curtain and opened the tomb, as though … More A Poem: Shine

A Writer Friend: Christine Sine, ‘The Gift of Wonder’

I would love to share with you my beautiful friend, Christine Sine‘s new book, ‘The Gift of Wonder’. I was fortunate to read a preview copy and write an endorsement (below). I found it such an uplifting read at a time of unwellness for me – it reminded me of the joy found in the every-day, … More A Writer Friend: Christine Sine, ‘The Gift of Wonder’