A Poem: A House

I want you to be a house,with a steep roof off which the rain can run.i want you to have windows draft proof,to shield against the elements,and doors with good locksand solid frontages. I want you to have curtains and insulation,a fireplace, a warm soft bed.I want you to have morningswhen the sun rises in … More A Poem: A House

A Poem: Mirrors

I think sometimes we areto make of ourselves a lakethat mirrors the blue. An eye turned inwards in introspectioncan draw us further from the truth,the light. When instead we were made to riseabove the murky waters,the dark cold depths, to where the clouds make their patternsin the sky,transpose them upon the water’s surface. We were … More A Poem: Mirrors

A Poem: Truths

What does your heart say? Open and listenbefore someone else speaks. Know what it is that quietly breathes,what you already knew before someone told you. Your heart does not waste its timeon untruths. If it is silentit’s just awaiting your ear, inclined, expectant. What is this wisdom thatprecedes the world? That does not enunciateand yet … More A Poem: Truths

A Poem: Here

Meditate, on a flower, a candle,the way the sun sendsits strip of light across the room. Notice how the cat slinksever so nonchalantly,reaching the light and settling down. How he strokes his cloakwith his rough, pink tongue,until it shines in the rays of his personal sun. Be the cat.And be the candle or the open … More A Poem: Here

A Poem: Sides

Two sides of the coin. Sorrow and joy,love and loss. And the river runs swift. These life courseswe have placed our faith in. We can hold them tight in our wallets, our coins,that the only imprints upon them are our own hands squeezing, counting outour precious acquisitions. Or we can hold them loosely. That they … More A Poem: Sides

A Poem: Amends

Gratitude is the flower that blooms before the bee comes. Gratitude is praising what isn’t yetto be sure it arrives. Gratitude is not unlike the tuis in the cherry tree,their riotous party. And gratitude is Lavenderand Butterfly Pea tea, two cups and saucers,slices of lemon. Not waiting for a softening but drawing upon the strength … More A Poem: Amends

A Poem: Spinning

I am going spinning round the room. And you are at my shirt tails,reaching out. Repeating the refrain to rest.Rest, rest, as I see in all my spinningwhat is achieved. Nothing but a whirlwindat my feet. That permission becomes agift to give myself. As you remove the guiltfrom all my strivings. Show me how we … More A Poem: Spinning