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‘Dear Readers

I am pleased to let you know that all four books in my seasonal series are now released.

‘A Garment of Praise – Words for Summer
Joy instead of Mourning – Words for Winter
Beauty for Ashes – Words for Autumn
and Release from Darkness – Words for Spring

are now all available in either e-book format, paperback or hardcover at on-line booksellers – or you can ask for them to be ordered for you at your local bookstore.

You can even buy all four books through Amazon as one seasonal collection on Kindle!

These books read as a devotional book, but instead of a reflection the books provide you with a poem a day for each applicable season. 

Included with the poetry are beautiful shots of New Zealand’s unique scenery.

See Release from Darkness at Amazon here, and Beauty for Ashes at Amazon here.

See A Garment of Praise at Amazon here, and Joy Instead of Mourning here.

Buy the four book collection together in Kindle here.

Poetry for All Seasons – Four Book Collection

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Beauty for Ashes

Release from Darkness

A Garment of Praise

Joy instead of Mourning

Thanks for your readership my friends. It is truly fuel for the poet’s pen to have readers to share our works with!’


‘Ana Lisa de Jong is a wisdom poet for our times. Her poetry has a way of reaching into the cracks of life, with tangible grace.  Ana Lisa’s poetry takes you gently by the hand and leads you to the light. You can return to any one of her poems time and time again, to deeply quench your spiritual thirst. And you will always come away from times of meditating on her poetry with pearls of wisdom in your hands. 

“But I also say this: that light is an invitation to happiness, and that happiness, when it’s done right, is a kind of holiness, palpable and redemptive.” – Mary Oliver

This is what Ana Lisa brings to the world through her poetry, a palpable gift.’
~ Jenneth Graser, author, poet, South Africa


‘Poetry for All Seasons – Ana Lisa de Jong gives us a gift for all seasons, paced as a daily devotion but with an invitation, implicit in the opening lines that readers of both hemispheres follow their own weather, that we find in these pages the poem we need for the particular day we are living. She calls us to pay attention to the humming fridge or celebrate the not-spilling of a glass half-full even on days when normal turns to ashes. She encourages us to prepare for the next dance, make tomorrow with our art, pray as if prayer is the centre of the meeting house with God and others. Most of all, she reminds us, when we forget, that for everything hard there is always a true and holy Something Else.’
~ Maren C. Tirabassi, author, pastor, interfaith spiritual workshop guide

2019 UPDATE:

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Ana Lisa writes with a refreshing honesty and a deeply intuitive awareness.  She is bravely open as someone who questions and struggles, and yet trusts in an overarching goodness.  The depth of her faith is evident in her prolific writing, as she gives testimony to her journey through life in the beautiful language of the poet.

As one reader put it, ‘Her work is so voluminous, incredibly intuitive, and assertive that if followed closely, can be challenging, and subsequently overwhelming. How can a human mind be gifted with such endless creativity? Generous fluidity of thinking translated into magical words put together into poetry that hits the target every single time.’
(From poet, Yolanda Green)

Ana Lisa’s two latest publications, Gifted and Heart Psalms (released in 2018 and 2019), are Ana Lisa’s largest volumes of poetry yet – at over 230 pages each.  Both volumes, making up her latest series Songs of the Heart, are gifts in themselves, bringing much needed encouragement and light to her readers in uncertain times.



‘Ana Lisa de Jong’s poetry astounds me.  It wakes me up like a dip in a cold mountain stream. It makes me want to sit down and write a poem or a song.  The music of her words will weave in your heart, refreshing your soul with clarity and peace. You’ve stumbled on a real find.’
Bob Holmes, Contemplative Monk

‘Life is a giver that lavishes its gifts on us in and through all things and all people.
Ana Lisa writes in a way that enables us to receive these gifts in both large and small ways. Through her poetry she awakens us to the giftedness going on all around us and within us all the time.’
Dr Steve Harper, retired clergyperson, seminary professor and author

‘Ana Lisa writes things straight, straight from the heart. She has an uncanny ability to delve deeply, yet do so with delightful simplicity.
She offers carefully crafted words on all manner of subjects to aid us in living our lives more reflectively.
I do not know how she finds the space to do all this crafting. Maybe that’s the invitation here, to join her in pausing more often to explore the interior castles of our souls, and meet the Giver who only wishes love upon us.
What a treasure-trove this is!’
Rev Martin Stewart, pastor and poet

Gifted (on Amazon)

Gifted (on Barnes and Noble)

Gifted in Kindle Amazon

Heart Psalms:

“I have wondered what it is about the poetry of Ana Lisa de Jong that so deeply stirs my soul.  It is her heart connection with her readers as she observes the spiritual landscape with penetrating eyes.  Her seasoned writing is grounded on a rock of reality where illusion falls away.  We are given a tapestry of beautifully chosen words which sing their hallelujahs and carry us to the Light.

A tread of grace weaves its way through her writings including her new book of poetry which I heartily commend as deeply enriching and well worth a quiet time of prayerful reflection.”
Jeff Blake, fellow author, and traveller on Grace Street

Heart Psalms (on Amazon)

Heart Psalms (on Barnes and Noble)

Seeking the Light:

Seeking the Light, holds a strong sense of anticipation. Such is the spirit of seeking.  This third volume is ‘food for the soul’.  Seeking, sharing, waiting, reflecting, trusting, following and holding on are key to the process of seeking the light.  God, who is the ‘Light of the World’, desires to shine through the darkness.

Here is poetry that brings a calming effect when calamity may prevail… These all are words that speak of security, sensitivity, sufficiency and sincerity.  Buy it, read it, share it – the whole 38 poems.”
Peter Savage, Chaplain Commandant, New Zealand Defence Force

‘Seeking the Light’ on Amazon

Seeking the Light (on Barnes and Noble)

Hope Springs:

“This is a book that sneaks up on you.  Turn the pages and you’ll come across something that resonates, that makes you say, ‘Oh yes, me too!’ and leaves you a little bit undone, unfurled, open.  In a world that often seems disordered and frenetic, Ana Lisa gives us the gift of a contemplative space in which God can speak with us, and we with him.”
Katherine Barker, Author of ‘Due to Unforeseen Circumstances’

Hope Springs (on Amazon)

Hope Springs (on Barnes and Noble)

Songs in the Night:

“By naming and embracing the growth that takes place in the dark, Ana Lisa has created a portfolio of spiritual strength for others.  I believe many will find solace and strength because Ana Lisa has answered God’s call to write.”
Rev Diane Gilliam-Weeks, Editor, ‘Refresh Journal of Contemplative Spirituality’

Songs in the Night (on Amazon)

Songs in the Night (on Barnes and Noble)