A Poem: The Beggar

I am a beggar at your door, the steps rising before my hesitant feet. I can hear the sounds within your kingdom drawing me, despite my lack of confidence. My feet unclean, I could wipe them more than once and they would still not shed the grime. So I turn and sit at the foot … More A Poem: The Beggar

A Poem: Dark

What do you want me to do with this morning God? That shines through the blinds that shines through my shuttered heart What do I do with a sun that still rises? On us, whose joy wavers as a candle in the wind, on those, whose joy has for a moment, been snuffed out. What … More A Poem: Dark

A Poem: Room

What might one become when given a voice, and room. Room to change, expand, grow, belong. How might our tender growth, be sustained until it is able to live and thrive on its own. Can we be space for one another and give room to speak; to walk, to dance, to hold our head high. … More A Poem: Room

A Poem: Ah

Ah I thought… I love everything. The summer sun; the leaves on the shimmering trees; the breeze through the open window. But the fleeting fantail that just flew to alight on the branch, teaches me that life and its gifts, run ever out. A closed fist holds nothing of worth. While an open hand, though … More A Poem: Ah