A Poem: Awake

To awake to you, is my prayer. I don’t want to miss a moment asleep, if I can be more aware of you near. To be close in proximity but ignorant of your presence, what grief. Instead, I want to be as a bird alighting on a branch, or a leaf on the wind. Always … More A Poem: Awake

A Poem: Gift

It is my job as a poet seer, as one who feels before I see to find the words, even if it hurts. To carry the light into dark corners. To bring the word that turns the heart, the word that speaks into the barren centre that it might spring to life. We are each … More A Poem: Gift

A Poem: Ah

Ah I thought… I love everything. The summer sun; the leaves on the shimmering trees; the breeze through the open window. But the fleeting fantail that just flew to alight on the branch, teaches me that life and its gifts, run ever out. A closed fist holds nothing of worth. While an open hand, though … More A Poem: Ah