A Poem: A Curtain

  Time is a curtain drawn, like this dressing of new leaves upon the maple tree, delicate thin, green veil, which the wind whips and lifts that the sky shows through. And the future, and the past, seem to converge at this axis of trunk rising like a solid sign of continuity, branches pointing back … More A Poem: A Curtain

A Poem: Swaying

Did you want to be swayed by the wind, by the external things. Do you want to know how everything that is solid runs underneath, and through. Do you want your thoughts to lift you up or down, to live rudderless. Do you want to give credence to impressions that come and go, like mist … More A Poem: Swaying

A Poem: Faithful

I record God’s faithfulness, that when asked I might say, whenever has a prayer gone unanswered, a night not turned to day by itself, a spring branch not borne its blossom, or an autumn tree not divested its green. Whenever has God not turned with the seasons on a branch, or a seed bursting in … More A Poem: Faithful

A Poem: Alchemist

Do you see how mountains erupt out of oceans. Do you see how tears can make a flood, but from the depths we still emerge. Do you see how seasons fill their purpose, though we might prefer the sun benign. Do you see how everything is clearer, and cleaner for the rain. Do you see … More A Poem: Alchemist

A Poem: Healing

We do not get over anything, move on, let go. We absorb things, like the earth does the rain and snow. Do we believe when spring thaws come that the earth has forsaken winter. Or was winter rather the preparation for summer’s flush, the blooming, which takes the rain to cause new growth. No, letting … More A Poem: Healing