A Poem: Falling

I am falling like the rain like the light through the broken clouds I am falling like a leaf whose time it is to drop like a musical note carried aloft to your ear and mine. I am falling like the sun like someone who realises there are no more supports for the weight we … More A Poem: Falling

A Poem: Less

If I took off my hat, would I be ‘Lisa, less a hat?’ If I took off my coat, my shoes perhaps, even my dress, would I be ‘Lisa, less the worth of all I wear?’ And if I take down my hair, and wash my face, and clean all the colour from my eyes … More A Poem: Less

A Poem: Flight

God taught me of love. How it was a like a kite, that you lengthen and let loose. Or the string of a bow that sets an arrow on its path. I guess, nothing he taught me was that it was something you kept. Rather it was something that you kept on giving out; like … More A Poem: Flight