A Poem: Falling

I am falling
like the rain
like the light through the broken clouds

I am falling
like a leaf
whose time it is to drop

like a musical note
carried aloft
to your ear and mine.

I am falling like the sun

like someone
who realises there are no more supports
for the weight we carry

which we voluntarily adopt.

I am falling
into grace
and love that has no boundaries,

but draws me from my feet
to the floor
where I bow in reverence

to the one who holds me up.

I am falling
but to the relief
that comes from knowing

I am carried on the currents of the wind,
to greater and greater

The return of those who give up
their rights,
and fall that they might gain;

of those who hit the floor
to find a universe
under their feet.

Ana Lisa de Jong
October 2017

Image:  Pinterest (source unknown)

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