A Poem: We Sing

We sing. We open our mouths before dawn breaks, because our hope seeds in the dark.   And we believe, before we see, the dawn that breaks through leaves and gilds them gold.   We arise in our hearts, and so our voice declares the light before it arrives.   Ana Lisa de Jong May 2017 … More A Poem: We Sing

A Poem: The Door

Faith is a key Fear is a lock Faith, the fabric that covers me. Fear the incessant cold. Faith, the shield fear’s arrows clear. And the one who seeks for me. Until faith then becomes the door I go in and out restored. Ana Lisa de Jong Living Tree Poetry April 17 Image courtesy of … More A Poem: The Door

A Poem: A Field

Rumi said, there is a field. Out beyond yonder somewhere. There is a place beyond right and wrong. I tell myself, when I’m held down by lead feet, to the unforgiving ground, that there’s a field. That I can roll off the weights, and find myself, unshackled. That in the end the only reason I … More A Poem: A Field